Tires: you need to get to the trail head

Kumho Tires – Road Venture AT51 –

The Road Venture AT51’s roll very nice on the blacktop, stop well, are good on wet surfaces and work well on snow and ice.

These tires are good on logging roads, the traction is not so aggressive that you dig down into a hole when trying to move.

They are not mud tires and slide around in the greasy stuff.

Overall the AT51’s are a very good All Terrain tire.


Hiking Boots

These hiking boots are Vasque Talus Trek Ultra Dry.

They are the non gortex hiking boot version which seem to have a narrower fit.

There was no break in time, just put them on and go hiking.

They have hiked in downpours, mud, and snow.

These hiking boots are holding there own so far.

The tread on these hikers have very good traction on a variety of wet and dry terrain.

It is an adjustment to get used to the hiking boots speed lacing.



The Osprey Poco AG Child Carrier has come with me on many hikes. My daughter is a year and a half and she loves the outdoors. We first bought the pack when she grew out of the soft front carrier. This Pack is adjustable and with a good six inches of adjustment, My daughter has also fit in the pack this whole time. My wife, Donna, and I have a wide range of fitting the backpack and we easily take turns wearing the pack on our hikes. I am 6’1″ tall and find this backpack fits me well. The weight contours nicely to my body and it feels snug. The pack moves well with me when I go uphill, downhill, bending and crawling. She is strapped in, so there is no worry about her falling out. she really seems to enjoy riding in the pack. I have noticed her giggling as Donna brings the pack up to her shoulders and she is strapped in. The storage carries quite a lot, even though Osprey has manufactured the Osprey Poco AG Plus which has a larger compartment at the bottom. I have had no difficulty carrying what I need on a hike with this pack. Donna has taken this pack on a multi-day hike and instead of worrying about fitting everything into the backpack, she ended up wearing another pack on her front.